Batgirl & Catwoman Slot

When most modern fans think about Batman, their minds might enter a number of directions. There are new Hollywood Blockbuster Films, the 1990s animated series, eternal comic book, or maybe some of the last films starring in actors George Clooney and Michael Keaton in the role of titular.

But for older fans, there are many nostalgia for different Batman Story types: the type seen on the 1960s show television show starring Adam West and Burt Ward. Campy, optimistic against Gotham City’s favorite hero might look ridiculous today, but glad generation of fans, and many others enjoy watching back for decades after the show goes from the air.

This is a version of the eternal superhero story which is an inspiration for the BATGIRL & CATWOMAN slot machine. Introduced at G2E 2017, this game created by Aristocrat requires two iconic characters from the show and built the entire game around them. Showing real photos of these characters, sound clips, music, and effects of shows, and fun formats, this is a game that will definitely attract the attention of slot fans and classic television viewers.

Big rolls for big heroes

In Batgirl & Catwoman, you will play with a five reel format that is similar to most conventional video slots. However, where the game really stands out is the size of each scroll. This game has changed the size of the reel dynamically, with anywhere from five to eight symbol positions appearing in each column. It also changes the amount of paylines: the greater the rolls, the more ways you have to win (even though we have to note that this is not the game “every way”, so there is still a salary that must be hit into the winning combination form).

In this game, you will match various symbols. Some are based on items that you might see in the television series, such as weapons and masks of our women’s hero wearing hiding their secret identity. But most of the symbols of higher value are headshots of the players. It includes Robin (Burt Ward), Alfred (Alan Napier), and, of course, Portrayal Yvonne Craig from Batgirl and Catwoman Julie Newmar. In addition, Batman naturally makes its own appearance, serves as a wild symbol for this machine.

To win a prize, you must match the symbol from left to right across the roll; At least three consecutive is needed to get money. You will be assisted by the fact that there are many symbols piled on this machine, which means you will often get a lot of single characters on one roll. When it happens and the stack takes part in a victory, you will be able to see a larger graph than the actor member filling the entire stack.

Sacred Special Features, Batman

There are several special bonuses that you can find when playing this machine. The first is a progressive pick bonus, where you will have the opportunity to win one of several progressive jackpots included in the game. When this feature is active (which occurs every time you land five full stacks of one character in the same round), you will be served with five coins; Depending on your bet level, you will get between one and five picks. Four of these coins will reveal instant credit prizes, while the fifth will hide progressive icons, after that you will find which jackpot you can claim.

There is also a wheel feature – active every time you get three bonus symbols on one round – which gives you a free round on the big wheel located on the screen. Again, you will have the opportunity to win a number of instant prizes, or enter several other mini-games based on two characters at the heart of this game. For example, heist high-high Catwoman will see you try to raise the floor of downtown buildings, collect credit along the way. There is also a batgirl retrieval feature that will make you choose a card to make a match and collect a gift if you complete the set.

Jalan Memause

BATGIRL & CATWOMAN is the perfect respect for television series which still has a large place in the hearts of many fans. This game reinstalled the look and the nuances of the campy from the performance perfectly, making it absolute joy to play if you have memories of the program at all.

However, the best thing is that this is a slot machine that must be fun for gamblers who do not know anything about the theme. There are so many things happening that there is always something to be penetrated, and the game seems to have a fairly high volatility, which leads to some large payments. It must help make Batgirl & Catwoman a popular pick in the casino for years to come.

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