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Whether Gonzo’s Quest, Diamond Wild or any other game you can play in Casino Sieger online casino. You can read about the range of games the casino has in detail and which points the casino can still convince in the following article.

Casino Sieger Website

Emergence of the casino winner

If you want to play online for real money or play slots, one of the important things is the seriousness. But you do not need to worry about the seriousness at Casino Sieger. Thus, this online casino of Malta (Malta Gaming Authority) has a state license and is thus subject to supervision. In general, the casino winner is not a novice in the market. As a stationary casino, the casino already has 25 years of experience, according to their website.

But even as an online casino, the casino is no longer a beginner. So there is the online casino since 2009. In addition to the license and the long experience as a casino, speak for casino winners but also certificates. This can be seen on the casino website. The certificates hereby confirm that they are original games of the respective manufacturers. Tampering or even fakes are thus excluded at this casino.

These casino games are on offer

That there are great differences in the offer at online casinos, shows up here at this casino. For example, this casino differs in its range of games. As mentioned in the introduction, you can choose between a large selection of Netent Microgaming slots, but there is also a live casino. Especially the live casino is of course a very special highlight.

In general, the casino still a lot of other games are possible, such as video poker, blackjack or even roulette as baccarat roulette that you can play in the casino. Basically, the offer of the table and card games is very large, so there is something for every taste. Which, of course, significantly increases the attractiveness of the casino for players. You do not have to download anything on your computer to access the games offered by the online casino.

This way you can play the games directly via your browser as play n go. This is a huge advantage at Casino Sieger, as it allows all games to play directly through the browser. Especially because the entire website is based on an HTML 5 version. There is a small smear here, a mobile use of a mobile phone is not possible at this casino without compromising on display and quality. It lacks apps that you could download for your smartphone.

Game List

No compromise on the quality in the online casino

Although you can easily play the games through your browser, there is no compromise on quality. Which is not unimportant in the games. If, in the end, the graphics were bad, that would of course have a negative impact on the game experience. But in other ways, the website of Casino Sieger convince. It is very light and, above all, structured.

Thus, the side of the casino is not crowded, but the buttons are designed so that you can directly to the offer, but also to the important functions such as logging in, logging in or the FAQ, can be found directly. Especially for beginners who do not have much experience with online casinos, this can be a big advantage. As a result, the entry through the clarity quickly succeed.

The winning odds at Casino Sieger

A large range of games as Casino Sieger offers its customers, is certainly a big plus. But decides in the games, but is also the winning rate. How high the odds here at Casino Winner, depends on the game. For example, the win rate for slot games is up to 95 percent. With the different variants of the Roulette it is even 98 percent. As you can see in the profit rates, these are very different depending on the game. But they all have one thing in common – they are at a high level. What a straight as a player can be pleased.

Progressive Jackpot Games and Slots

Registration and deposit with Casino Sieger

But to be able to play at all, you have to sign up for Casino Sieger first. For this you will find on the website an appropriate form through which you can register. Here you have to enter your personal data. Another important point in the registration, but is also the determination of a payment method. This is not unimportant, namely, to be able to play in the casino, you have to make appropriate bets. For this it is necessary that one deposits money into his gaming account at the casino beforehand.

But the payment method is also important in other ways, namely if you have a profit. Otherwise no payout is possible. Casino Sieger offers its customers various payment methods. In addition to the classic bank transfer and Paypal, you can also choose between a credit card, e-wallets, but also Skrill and Neteller. Ultimately, when choosing a payment method, always note any booking times. Accordingly, it can take a different amount of time until payments are booked, but you also receive your own money when making a payment.

With regard to the payment of profits, this can be done at any time. Depending on the payment method you have selected, some fees may arise.

Casino Sieger Live Dealer Games

New customers can look forward to this bonus

Like many other casinos, Casino Sieger also offers its new customers a casino bonus. With the bonus here one must differentiate, because it is not only a bonus. How else can you find it at the other online casinos. Strictly speaking, you get here as a new customer namely two. The first bonus is a doubling of the amount of money you put into your account. In the amount is a doubling to a maximum of 200 euros as a bonus possible.

Whoever pays 200 Euro directly after registering with Casino Sieger, will receive the same amount as bonus on top of that. Thus one can directly with 400 euro with the plays enter. But that’s not all, there is already the second bonus. This bonus applies when you make a second deposit into your account. Here too there is an increase, but then only a maximum of 50 percent of the deposit. So if you pay 50 euros, you would get a bonus of 25 euros again on top of it. Regarding the bonus from the online casino, you have to know that conditions are attached.

Although the bonus is available immediately after signing up for the games, you can not get it paid out, for example. So you have to use the bonus only 40 times in games of Casino winner. Important here, you can not decide freely when using the bonus in height. If you have received the highest possible bonus of 200 euros due to his deposit, then you have to use this in its entirety in a game as a bet in the casino. Of course, it is clear that there is always the risk of loss. But here is no online casino, not even casino winner something to give away.

Only after these 40 runs and putting the bonus, you can dispose of the remaining amount from the bonus freely. Here then a payout would be possible. With regard to the 40 necessary runs you have to know, there are no time limits in which period you have to do that. Which is an advantage because you are not under a time pressure here. The exact conditions for the bonus, you can call as a new customer on the website of Casino Sieger.

Welcome Offer and Promotions

This is how customer service can be reached at Casino Sieger

If you have questions or problems with your account or a game at Casino Sieger, you can contact the customer service. Above all, this can be reached via an existing live chat around the clock. The customer service is also available via e-mail as well as an extensive FAQ on the side of the online casino. The FAQ covers a variety of issues that occur frequently, be it payment methods or bonuses, for example.

With the help of the FAQ, you can quickly get a wealth of information from Casino Sieger, which may make it unnecessary to get in touch with customer service. As extensive as the FAQ section on the side of the casino is, there is a small smear here. So this is not held in German, but in English. A telephone hotline is unfortunately not offered to the customer.

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