Daring Dave & The Eye Of Ra Slots Machine

Daring Dave & The Eye Of Ra Slots Machine

Adventure and exploration often go hand-in-hand, and when both occur in exciting and challenging settings, the mix often result in an epic journey.

Which is absolutely the case with Daring Dave & the Eye of Ra by Playtech. Behind this unusually long name hides a creative video slot game designed to put players in the mood for a journey through time and space, all the way back to ancient Egypt. Many games use Egyptian civilization as a backdrop, but this particular one adds an Indiana Jones look-alike in order to spice things up a little.

Read our full review of Daring Dave & the Eye of Ra to find out more about the epic adventures that lies ahead – and the many treasures you can win.

Let the adventure begin

Daring Dave & the Eye of Ra is set in Egypt and follows the adventures of Daring Dave the archeologist and adventure, on his quest for knowledge and riches across the desert.

The spinning reels of the game take up most of the screen space, but leave space at the top for a vast view of the Egyptian desert. The yellow dunes seem to extend forever towards the horizon, and the famous pyramids stand tall in the distance, dominating the barren and majestic landscape.

The graphics might be a little simple compared to other games, but the game still manages to put players in the mood for an epic quest in the land of the Pharaohs.

Setting yourself up for big wins

In order to put all chances on your side to come out of this adventure richer than when you started, it is essential for you to know the basic rules of the game.

You have five reels of three symbols each to bet on, with 20 paylines available. What you need to do to secure some cash rewards is to align specific combinations of symbols on these paylines. The size of your rewards depends on the nature of the symbols and the amount of money you are betting. To adjust your wager, use the (+) and (-) buttons in the command bar located at the bottom of the game screen. Hit Spin when you are ready, and watch the reels spin.

If you would rather play on autopilot, simply activate the Autoplay function with the corresponding switch. The reels will spin on their own for as long as you stay in Autoplay, and all your winnings will be automatically added to your coin stash.

Decrypting the hieroglyphs

Daring Dave & the Eye of Ra introduces a paytable that is mostly based on recognisable Egyptian hieroglyphs, but not entirely.

The first part of the symbol menu contains classic card symbols, from number 10 to the Ace. These first icons are actually the most common in the game, so you will have plenty of opportunities to score winning combinations with them. On the other hand, they will not pay much in comparison with the rest of the reel symbols.

Five different Hieroglyphs are available on the reels. They represent either a Beetle, a Lion, or the gods Thoth, Anubis and Horus. Rarer on the reels, these symbols also bring in much more sizeable rewards for the lucky players who manage to score long winning combinations with them.

Special features

Daring Dave himself, wearing a hat, is both the most precious symbol of the entire game and the Wild card. He can easily replace any other symbol and help you score more winning combinations every time he shows up on the reels. Better stay focused if you do not want to miss him.

The golden Eye of Ra is a very special amulet that acts as a Scatter. All you need to do is land two or more of them anywhere on the reels, regardless of alignment, to be a winner.

Finally, the Pyramid is the dedicated Bonus symbol of the game. You need one on both reel 1 and reel 5 at the end of your turn to trigger the Eye of Ra Bonus. Work your way through the three different levels of the game and you will win first cash, then a Multiplier, and lastly a chance to multiply it all by 75. All you need to do is flip over stones, spin a few wheels and cross your fingers.

An epic slot game for a broad audience

Daring Dave & the Eye of Ra is indeed a daring game. The base game is fun and classic, but it is truly the Bonus round that makes all the difference.

Every adventurer at heart with a thirst for big wins on the reels should consider following Daring Dave in his Egyptian adventure.

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