Flame of Olympus Slots

The Prometheus legend is among the most famous fairy tales of Greek mythology, and has impressed a lot through the past history.

Recreational video slots that we introduce here are known as Olympus API, Aristocratic creation was immediately impressed with the legend. In a unique story, Prometheus is a kind Titan who cares about humanity and decides to help steal the fireplace of the gods on Mount Olympus and give it to the people of the earth. This determination has a terrible punishment for Titan, but it is very useful for the civilization on the planet.

How did all this translated in slot recreation? You almost searched. Learn the complete overview of Olympus’s flame to get greater thoughts about the most effective method to win large on sports rolls.

Start epic

When you launch an Olympus API on your PC, you can be greeted by a large golden statue of Prometheus holding a burning torch – a scenery that can definitely be ordered more than participants.

It is stated, the sports display screen itself is usually occupied by rolls, framed by high marble columns. In addition to a uniform blue background, there are usually no details to see on recreational trips.

A little Olympus API on anti-climate begins with respect to the universe chart, and finally ends only needing our expectations. Let’s check the gameplay to see what gamers need to be anticipated in the division.

Normal guidelines

The Gameplay of Flame of Olympus is, because it seems, as a basis as a recreational gameplay slot will. You will have no trouble finding your approach around it and start guessing.

Sports matrices follow custom dimensions: 5 rolls of three symbols each, and 20 paylines that can be obtained in full. Your goal is to land a favorable image combo to paylines to win prize money, calculated according to your bet and the symbol itself. Use the command bar under the roll to decide on bets and activate as many paylines as you want earlier than the roll settings into the movement.

Guess the Max Shortcut is something that will help you enter all-in in the next flip. This is possible after all your extra prices, but may also trigger a giant victory if good luck is on your side. Back to Autospin mode if you will have identical guesses on a number of consecutive rounds mechanically.

Get to know what is on the roll

Paytable of Flame of Olympus consists of two totally different image teams. You might only make a difference between them because of its very different designs.

The most common symbols are card icons, starting with numbers 9 and 10, directly adopted by Jack, Queen, King and Ace. Your payment will not be greater than 125 instance worth your bet with these symbols, which implies that you have to try to get a lot from the combo because you will be able to get a very large prize money.

The second symbol group combines an extra unique symbol similar to a banquet table, column, a goddess, a temple and fireplace stolen by Prometheus from the gods. The best gift that can be obtained in the reel symbol class is in accordance with the 750 instance of your initial guessing, which has been satisfying extra.

Pamungkas surprise

The last two symbols of Olympus are only a little special and, if used correctly, can flip the sports round to open some of the biggest money prizes that can be obtained.

Prometheus image is a wild card. You must use it to replace one of the symbols discussed earlier and help you score for further combo which is profitable throughout the display screen. At that height, Prometheus Combo is also basically the most useful of sports and perhaps the quantity of 9000 examples of your bets for a mixture of five types.

Cash scattered symbols that should not lined up as much as sound mixture. Find no less than 3 cash on the flip that is identical to trigger a bonus ball from 15 free rounds, with X3 multipliers used for all your gifts.

Intention to be wild if you need to be rich

The Olympus API follows a fairly basic gameplay sample that leaves the most important prospect of favorable lies in certain symbols.

You have to pay attention to wild combo and trigger a free round if you want to have the opportunity to hit the jackpot.

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