Legends of Troy Slots

Trojan fortress under the siege on this historical themed slot of 5 excessive video games, and it is your job to come out and find troy guards, convey them again to the fort and save that day.

First, it is important to find a collection of Greek symbols that are able to lead you to the guards, then find the guard and produce it again. Good information is you will get a reward for every step and success of your trip. There are also a number of bonuses basically the most profitable gamers along with the characteristics of Trojan free video games, characteristics of wild coins, and bonus spread.

Trojan Legends.

There is a sweet eye for everyone because guardians are a combination of beautiful girls and strapping forces, all of which are important to call to save a lot of days.

Trojan treasure.

Greek symbols must be found and described to seek guardians, but when you pass the border to this historic kingdom, you can be planted with energy to take action. In addition, you will get a good reward to do it with between 5 and 200 your peg chance to find a suitable symbol.

Don’t waste time when you have achieved it even though it’s a more handsome gift better waiting for you to find a guard, with 2,500 times your event to find 6 of them.

Beware of the Trojan horse although as if this entry into the dominance might sign the top of the Trojan. As an alternative, try to find it on rolls 2, 3, 4 and 5 places that find 3 or extras from them will trigger free video game characteristics. 3 Trojan Horses triggered 7 free video games, while 4 Trojan Horses triggered 15 free video games.

There is also a certain amount of wild money to look for, and find all 6 of them will start two wild bonuses, 500 opportunities for your bet. However, the biggest bonus of all offered in the characteristics of the distribution of bucks that will be triggered anytime when all strains and bonuses are being carried out. As soon as it is triggered, the symbol can change for all different symbols other than the trojan horse to create wilds values ​​and credit scores. Each reel has a progressive profile and greater payment. REEL 1 Pay 100x Your Pasts, Reel 2 500x, Reel 3 1,000x, Reel 4 2,000x, and Rolls 5 and 6 10,000x Your bet.

Many are at stable

While the way forward for the Trojan race can relax in your arm, besides all these payments and bonuses that can be given to you – this sport does not require great interest to play it. Play 1, 10, 25 or 50 strains per round and choose from 7 stimulatory options ranging from 0.01 cash to 1 coins per line – Allowing allegations of at least 0.01 cash and fifty cash charges.

Trojan Tricery.

Trojans can pay dearly to open their trojan horse, but as in this slot this sport bestows free video game to you – you will be able to open as many horses as you want!

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