Moon Warriors Slot

In the mysterious Luna world, a soft (good) moon soldier and Warriors Moon Darkish (Evil) do fighting opposite each other for the moon facilities.

With the military the soft moon fighter reduced by the current battle, the Queen gentle with enthusiasm looking for new recruitment to help her in battle – and she or she would really appreciate your efforts.

Moons Warriors is an extraordinary new online slot game from H5G, providing a lot of payments besides video game bonuses that reminiscent of free rotating functions, wild bonuses and bonuses.

Apart from the sports set on the month, the soft queen can be very touched by the communication technique of the earth – and he or he activates it so you need to use all your favorite cells – how it can help you fight Dark Warriors, along with all Android phones and tablets and tablets and iPad and iPhone.

Jump to the moon

As usual, the people in the Graphic Division in H5G can make you jump over the moon with reasonable characters, but don’t fall for a handsome and beautiful character from Darkside – or you will be able to watch all these gifts and bonuses burn inside The atmosphere of the earth!

Moon Cash.

There are several symbols of letters scattered throughout the world of Luna and, because they can help you find your soldiers will fight with, you are higher choosing it. Even higher, if you find 3-5 suitable symbols, you will be able to reverse it into cash with 100 instances of your shares.

This is a warrior that you actually have to find though, and find a group of 5 soldiers can win you as many as 300 instances of your shares. Besides that, be careful for a soft symbol queen like when you see them this implies that he has been kidnapped – and save him by finding 5 symbols can win you as many as 400 instance bets. There are additional 5 moon warrior symbols to search – and this keeps important for the success of the battle. Find all 5 and you will be rewarded with 1,000 instance of your shares.

The free round bonus was initiated by the free round symbol once they appeared on the coils 1-5 together. It triggers 8 free video games, although multiples will be returned simultaneously.

There are symbols spread there that can pay you as many as 50 shares instances, and wild bonuses where wild symbols will replace all different symbols when wild symbols appear on rolls 2, 3 and 4.

Illuminated was grown

With all kinds of recreational gamers slots on the market – the package keeps Moon Warrior light enough to let everyone from them get pleasure to enjoy it. 720 Ways to win need 50 credit scoring, but this can be at stake from as much as 0.01 cash per credit score of 10 cash per credit. It allows a minimum player guess of 0.5 cash and the most per piece of cash 500.

Full moon

With so a number of ways to risk this fun recreation, and so many bonuses and payments to get fun, we don’t assume you might be waxing or reduced anytime – it’s a month that will be full!

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