Night of the Wolf Slot Machine

Even the Wolf Man wants to fall in love – but two Werewolf protagonists in this online slot game want your help as their path without means crossing.

Humans and Lady during the day, wolf people by sunlight from the full moon, this month’s lovers are very curable to introduce – and the work is now yours. Good information is there are many awards to introduce our protagonists and find some gadgets that can help them hit it.

Achieving success in your search and besides, you will be bombarded with a bonus along with the characteristics of an extraordinary stack, free video game bonus and Walk Wolf night.

Wolves bewitch.

Damned for the evening they might, during the day, two protagonists we got the pleasure of the movie star look. Even so, the beauty has no meaning if you can’t find your soul mate.

Moonlit Cash.

This may not be two wolves in the forest though, but you might be able to make it with the symbol of the letters you might find – and this will increase the stability of your financial institutions as many as 8 instances of your shares. You can also find elixir magic viles in the forest that can allow the protagonist to remain in the type of human being that can make you 10 instance of your shares, because it will find a normal ring and pendant that you don’t want to say.

You actually have to find a partner, but you can do this on the wolf man or human type. The latter does pay extra with 300 instances of your shares.

In addition, pay attention carefully for pink roses that appear to tower under the moonlight. It develops in the forest and may be learned to trigger a free video game bonus. 5 symbols will set a bonus and award 5 free video games, but 6 roses award 7 free video games, 7 roses 10 free video games, and eight rose 15 free video games.

As soon as you have brought together our Werewolf protagonists, they tend to go wild – but merely happily. Once they get wild, they will trigger wild bonuses where wild symbols replace all symbols besides the moon roses to make the most of the payment strain.

First of each recreation, the characteristics of extraordinary stacks will rework symbols stacked into identical images to offer more payment lines.

Nothing to howl

Maybe there is also a lot of large night wolf payments to play – but surely there is nothing to do with the segment with the choice of maintaining. Play 1, 5, 9, 15 or 30 strains, and look for them with between 0.01 cash and 1.0 coins. It allows you to play 30 cash rounds on the event you caught for months, or enough 0.01 round cash in the event you like to operate with a small betting package.

Love is in the air

The protagonist on this beautiful love story is also unusual, but the payment and bonus are quite extraordinary, too – and love is undoubtedly in the air!

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