Here are all online casinos listed that we have tested for you. We are continually looking for new online casinos and add them to the list below.

Of course, the casinos have to fit our criteria. We test the listed providers at specific intervals and update the offers. To get the latest casino rating. It also happens that sometimes we remove online casinos from the list that we do not like anymore. - Latest Reviews

Online Casino of the Month

The online casino guide is always testing new casinos. Sometimes we find a true masterpiece and declare it the best casino of the month.

In other words: it is especially beneficial to play in the Casino of the Month. So what are you waiting for?

Want to play for real money at the online casino?

Yes? But before you start in a real money casino, you should ask yourself the following important question.

Can you withdraw your winnings?

Because what effects you all the thrill, if you can not lift your profits. Or?

You would like to register and play right now? I know, I felt the same way. But, take your time. I promise you it’s worth it.

How safe and reputable is the casino where you want to play? Where should you start? What should you focus on?

I’ll show you how to get your bets and winnings paid out quickly and safely. In addition, you will learn how to at least double your bet without even playing.

Casino Real Money Bonus

If you decided to play for real money, you will be paid by the casinos. How?

For example, on your first deposit, you get an attractive welcome bonus. That could be free spins or bonus of a certain amount. An example would be if you deposit 100€ you will get another 100€ as a bonus +100 free spins.

This would have doubled your deposit and added an extra 100 free spins. The chance you now win in this casino would be more than doubled.

Only with a welcome bonus is no player happy anymore. That’s why online casinos offer even more advantages. Starting from loyalty bonus, VIP membership, special cations, prize winnings such as Travel, tickets and much more.

Sounds good, right? But you only benefit from it when you make your 1st deposit.

What should you look for when choosing your online casinos?

The following points should be taken into account when choosing a suitable online casino. We support you to stick to our tips. Finally, online casinos are about money. Your money.

Not only can you lose your entire deposit, but in the event of a win, you should be sure of the payout. So stay away from suspicious and dubious casinos.

Please pay close attention to the following points:

Which license does the online casinos have?

You should first of all look at the license. Many countries are allowing gambling licenses. The only license is not equal to the license. If these come from tax havens or licenses outside the EU, they are not necessarily honest.

You should stay away from it. In our experience, reputable online casinos usually have EU licenses, e.g. the Malta Gaming Authority (mga)

Where is the seat of the online casinos?

Most are based in Malta. This Mediterranean island is located south of Italy. It belongs to the European Union and the euro is considered as a means of payment.

One of the most important factors is the location of the online casino. If for example the Caribbean and you try to sue them, you’re going to have trouble there.

It is easier if the seat is in the EU. For disputes, you should always keep this option open. Whether one really demanded an online casino was there.

Online Casinos - How do I use this site?

As the list of our online casinos gets bigger day by day, we recommend the following. For a better overview, look for our ribbons. The ribbons are bands that can be seen at the online casinos. These are available in different colors and descriptions.

The Ribbon in the color RED

The Ribbon in the color RED with the description EXCLUSIVE means, that this casino offers an exclusive offer for visitors. This could e.g. be extra free spins or free money. Maybe even a no deposit casino bonus.

The Ribbon in the color GOLD

The Ribbon in the color GOLD with description MONTH means that this casino was named Casino of the Month. Also is the different categories you will see this ribbon. e.g. at no deposit casino-free spins or bonus casinos.

The Ribbon in the color GREEN

The Ribbon in the color GREEN with the description RECENTLY means that this casino has recently been added to our list.

The Ribbon in the color BLUE

The Ribbon in the color BLUE with the description RECOMMENDED means that this online casino is highly recommended by us.

The Ribbon in the color ORANGE

The Ribbon in the color ORANGE with the description NEW means that this online casino has recently begun on the gambling market. You can register there as a new customer right away. New Online Casino means the following for you as a new customer:

Free Spins & Money without deposit
Bonus & free spins as welcome gift
Actions for new customers

On every online casino map, you will find an area WITHOUT PAYMENT. This means that you will get from this online casino, free games or money without a deposit to make. Simple registration is usually enough.

Under the section FIRST DEPOSIT, you will find all the offers that online casino gives you on your first deposit. These can be bonuses and /or free spins.

We play regularly in online casinos and have a lot of fun. That’s why we also write casino reviews for individual providers.

These can be accessed by clicking on EVALUATION on the Online Casino Card. In addition, you can leave your own experiences under the review as a comment and share it with other players.

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