Rocket Returns Slots

Suppose the fireworks instead of a spacecraft – after that watching the recreational movement of your slot explodes into life in a unique but very pleasant slot from Bally.

The first thing you might find about this slot is a typical reel setting that is not like the type of slot I’ve seen before. Working horizontally, or vertically, there are 9 single window rolls that can be set in 1-2-3-2-1 format, and you can fill this with alternative only 5 gift symbols, wild images, and bonus images.

5 gift symbols are blue 7, orange 7, triple bar, double bar and single bar, while wild images are purple sticks dynamite fuse on the fuse, and the bonus image is a purple and white striped rocket with a screw that is lit – each ready for Exploding into life to give you a big payment.

Good information about there 9 single window rolls is that you can win to find 4 to 9 suitable symbols anywhere on the roll grid. All prizes are also multiplied by your line betting, and the highest payment for the 5 gift symbol is 30x your line betting for a single bar, 50x for a double bar, 100x for Triple Bars, and 200x for both.

Wild stick dynamite good, and may actually blow your mind besides blew the symbols that are different from the best way to expand various symbols of gift payments that can be achieved. Every wild that lands on rolls can even include certain gift multipliers 1x, 2x or 3x – it means your wild gift can multiply or triple – while they will play half bigger in a free video game bonus.

Bonus blows of your mind

Free video game bonus must be triggered by a touchdown rocket one roll / home windows 1, 5 and 9, and this can provide 5 free video games early. However, the extra bonus rockets will all trigger extra free video games, with 1 trigger 1 free recreation, 2 trigger 2 free video games, and three trigger 5 free video games further. All gifts are identical to the recreational prize principle, however, the highest wild gift multipliers will increase to 5x through a bonus. Three rocket bonuses show collectively can even give you 1x your total bet.

Surprising betting

One of the fun parts of sports is a graph, because exercise is done above the cityscape at night, and every wine is widely known for the soft fireworks above the sky and the building below. Meanwhile, the graph really felt an old-age arcade video game for the occupation house, with dynamite sticks and rockets each made from SQ. Pixels – and no doubt intentionally to present it that retro really feels.

Expends every round of this slot is as simple as it’s because it comes, because everyone will play all 9 rolls. All that must be done is to choose the bet what you need to play – Instance: Guess 0.25 Cash = Betting a total of two 25 cash.

Bally produces many slots that provide gamers one thing that is completely different either in view, pleasure or in playback, and rocket again successfully sends to the three counts. The rolls are fun and unique, and the bonus gives a thrilling wild multiplier! Rocket slot machine is back produced specifically for cellphones, so when you prefer to play while traveling, then you will definitely deal with,

Rocket Returns Slot Machine

There is one thing that is certain about rocket back, unlike other slots in how to play it – a completely new concept when it was launched and will not surprise me to see more of the type of slot machine released in the future in the future.

As soon as you load the game (we have a free version to play here) you will see that it is more like a mobile application game, rather than a classic slot you will get in Las Vegas – this game has been designed for cellular.

Even though this slot has been designed for cellphones, it is really played very well on the desktop too. I like sound effects and music in the background and even the way music fades when you stop spinning – very smart and makes you want to stay play, even when you think you can try another.

To get a spin victory in the rocket slot restore, you want to get what I call ‘clusters’ rather than lines. That is, 4 or more suitable symbols related to each other. This, in many ways, is similar to a game like Tetris, where you need to link the line with the same color or pattern to get a victory.

Rocket Returns slot does have a bonus and get it, you have to get three rockets on the screen. This is actually quite complicated, in my experience and the first time I play it took about 15 minutes to hit it. Your mind, I then hit him three times in fast succession – you need a little luck.

When you get rockets line up, you get a beautiful explosion explosion and free game award – 5 free games, precisely. This free game is fun to play, because you get a wild symbol that rotates and gives multipliers to victory. You also get the chance to win free spins – every rocket that gives you extras.

Rocket Returns make a refreshing change to the regular slot. Will I say it’s a good game? Maybe not, but this is a good solid game and worth trying if you are looking for something different and fun.

Bally Technologies is one of the best online slot manufacturers in the global game service market. The game slot from this manufacturer provides an opportunity to participate in the process through a touch screen. The exception to the rules is not a slot game called Rocket Returns. Today we will discuss this, and also try to detail the individual characteristics.


During the start of the game slot, there is a long loading process, after that the number in the form of a diamond is displayed on the screen, where the nine lines of roll are set in five lines. Each individual element is displayed on the screen as a symbol. In order for rolls to start spinning, it is necessary to launch the game round using the purple launch button. This button is located at the bottom right of the game screen. Nine related rolls allow you to get 228 winner combination variants through simultaneous rotation. However, such gaming slot capabilities are not limited to static monotonous rotation. We will discuss this in the future and more details.


This slot rather deviated from the standard principle to get a winning combination. Usually, in most game slots, the same symbolic value to complete the winning round marched as a line. But this rule does not work on rocket back. To win, enough that four identical symbols only appear on the screen. And, with a random order. At least four. Ideally, more identical symbols appear on the screen after the game round settlement, the better. The number of such symbols will affect the number of prize money and probabilities to launch a bonus round.


The autoplay function is not in this slot. For new games around the start button must be activated manually. This is done so that players can capture each process, every detail. In addition to standard characters in the form of one stem, two stems and three stems, and blue orange 7s, other special symbols are displayed on the screen, which, when activated, produces colorful animated effects. Let’s talk about special symbols that are more detailed.

Special symbol

Special characters in several games. These symbols are used not only to make colorful and bright animated images on the screen. Each has its own special features. They have a big impact on the game process itself:

A dynamite stick – such a symbol is shown only on the fifth scroll. Located in the middle. This replaces other character values. Except for bonuses of course. Every time the dynamite stick is touched when a winning combination is displayed, the final payment will be increased by 1x to 3x multipliers.

Arrow fireworks – This symbol is a bonus symbol. However, it is not placed on the roll as a symbol. By coincidentally, he can land on the first roll, fifth and nine. This will provide an opportunity to activate the “free round” function. This function will give you access to five free rounds. One of the bonus symbols during rotation will add one free round to the amount. Two bonuses and you will get 2 extra rounds for free. Three bonuses, and you will get 5 free rounds.

In the process of applying such functions, wild middle rolls will also be played. This will give you the opportunity to accept ruling over 1x to 3x, a bonus victory in size five times if it occurs during activation “spins” function. This is a real source for a big victory.


On low bets, almost no use playing. Real benefits can be obtained as a result of increasing the amount in the range of medium to high value. In this scenario, the number of wins will be quite high. For example, with maximum bet and with activation all bonus symbols, it can be 190,200 pounds. The maximum number of wins depends on maximum bet. Thus, proportional relations are directly observed here. Not every slot can boast a high coefficient like that.


The game slot is great for launching on personal and laptop computers, and on cellular devices. The manufacturer makes the most adjusted game for these needs. The game slot can be downloaded as an application and can be played on the operating system like Android, Windows Phone, iPhone. The special version of this application is made by developers specifically for iPhone operating systems based on direct agreements between the manufacturer of game slot (Bally Technologies) and companies engaged in the production of cellular devices under this brand. Because of this improvement, the application was launched on the iPhone practically passing the download bandwidth.

Thus, the game slot version for cellular devices, tablets, and desktops is the most optimized. Slot games can be found in most online casinos in the world. Of course, he is one of the most popular. The combination of the simple option menu is intuitive, a fun interface combined with colorful animation effects through a touch screen is the main and main advantage of this game slot.

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