Sharknado Slot

At the point that Sharknado was launched in 2013, the Syfy community is no stranger to unusual mash-ups, low budgets as a large part of their programming lineup. But one or another way, this one stands out of the second introduced. The truth that the film was intended for himself – and then no less funny – undoubtedly helped, as the absurdity of the premise (Waterspouts seized the shark from the ocean, took him to the land and to Los Angeles, where they continued to eat people left and right).

But regardless of the goal, the film was a quick blow. Since then, it has given birth to a number of sequels, each of which continues to attract the audience that loves all of that absurdity. And while everyone keeps thinking, no doubt a lot of love for franchises as complete – bigger than enough to help brick-and-mortar slot machines. It was almost inevitable that someone would come, and the license finally fell to nobles, who first shared their sharks with the world in G2E 2016.

We will want a bigger slot

Sharknado is a five-reel slot machine that utilizes the 5×4 format expanded for its gameplay space. This machine is decorated with the appearance of a cool blue ocean, with many star photos like Tara Reed and John heard proved above the main view. You will even hear some famous extra strains of movies, along with gems like “We can’t just wait here and look forward to sharks to go down to us!” And “Shark: I don’t pay attention to that coming.”

In fundamental phrases, gameplay is rather like another machine. You will match various symbols from left to the right one of your rolls so as to get a prize. Characters from the main film are strictly represented (in expanded icons that take two positions), while different objects such as licenses, shark enamel, propane tanks, wedding ceremony rings and so on may be found on the screen. Wild sharks can be seen on the screen, matching the rest on the roll so that it allows you to win a larger prize.


There are option options that depart randomly, you can definitely leave this recreation. One of the many often happens is an extension of the roll to supply the position of extra images for each column. This mostly ends at 5-6 spots per roll, but this recreation can increase all ways for 8×5 mode. Usually, one main character will replace all the others, making it simpler to make matches throughout the screen.

One other special characteristic is a bonus chainsaw bonus, which remembers one of the many famous extra scenes of the primary Sharknado film. In this recreation, gamers are asked to swipe throughout the screen to destroy flying sharks, naturally. Each will reveal a fast credit prize, and gamers can preserve swipe until they trigger three explosions, where the round level ends.

Stormy eyes

Sharknado is of course a type of machine that might be very focused on the selected subset of gamers – specifically, this is alluring and devoting the followers of the film franchise. This is a ridiculous premise that in all probabilities cannot draw randomly all the correct gamers of the online casino land. Or, those who like the film will flock into this closet in Droves.

And after they got there, they were not disappointed. Not solely making the machine do a fantastic job along with footage and sound from the film, but it certainly supports it with strong gameplay and various kinds, which basically all you will be able to ask for slots. When you are not afraid of flying sharks, then test this.

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