Sweet Skulls Slots

One of the many biggest challenges filled with designer designer slots that are fashionable others like selection.

The candy skull seems to be a recreation borne by this puzzle, it might have the most confused theme that we ever visited, half New Orleans Mardi Gras, half sweet recreation, half voodoo, all organized by Femme Fatales, regardless of it, regardless of That, it’s very entertaining and in some ways everything comes collectively as a cohesive title.

Outside the eclectic theme, sports also serves a large selection in the choice of its gameplay, with two different recreation modes, volatility that can be selected in bonus rounds and three tied jackpots that can be obtained by hit spin anytime, it is a gameplay Identical as aristocratic Sky Rider slot, but it feels really different to play.

Themes & Cabinets

Located in the Helix closet. Each recreation station will provide two different recreational rounds to choose from, the important difference seems to be hosted by fatale blonde femme and opposite brunetme, with symbolism that is brighter and darker every recreation accordingly. They are not the thought of your conventional teaser, these girls come to the screen decorated in Voodoo’s face paint a pastor, but wearing flowers and dynamic flowers, but very pleasant.

All symbols on video games have very complicated duality as their own theme of the game, you might think that the skull as a central theme will bring up a dark theme, the reality is the way it is because they are full of hyppie symbols decorated with the heart and flower, symbols Contrary to clogging rolls is a non-dangerous candy woman, various temples and guitarists of Sombrero Sporting who also offer music support.

The cranium symbol stack characterizes the trigger jackpot in wild recreation, which may look tied or stacked is a lively video game brand. The only picture that was realized was the magic butterfly which when it seemed to be overhauled directly to the image of the trigger trigger for a free round.

Gameplay & Options.

In addition to the basic recreational themes you can also choose the variation of payline which is tied to recreational cranium candy slots, with 40 and max two credit bets or 80 and a maximum bet of 4.00. It is not instant has an effect on RTP but it is clearly bigger max bets indeed give you a much greater potential victory.

The free spin is given between 9 and 36, relying on a variety of servants that you find in rolls, you may instantly have an effect on sports volatility by choosing which images appear to be stacked in round recreation bonuses. Choosing one of the many larger icons will reduce your number of turns even though you can at the same time go along with the choice of thrillers which in ideas can give you every best (wild) image and various kinds of free rounds.

While the bottom gameplay is entertaining because the theme and animation is clearly a round-free spins the potential for the recreation, the exterior you like about this big victory tends to depart if you depart one of the many three-jackpot video games. It was resolved as with many different aristocratic titles such as sugar hits jackpot by coating the jackpot symbol stacked on rolls, 3, 4 or 5 stacks that gave you each appropriate gift level.


Candy Contemporary, fun and entertaining skulls, has a single theme, good gameplay and a respectable potential payment which is an unusual mixture for new online casino recreation. While the host of pure feminine characters can lend themselves to male gamers, a pleasant stuffing model must be attractive to many pure gamers by itself worthy.

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