The Third Prince Slot

Players from China and far east rejoice, because Aristocrat has another new casino game for you, don’t be removed because the truth is another Asian-themed slot, because this has a big reshuffle, with cartoons, virtually. Types of Video Sequences Types of Anime and Bonus Characteristics of Battle are bound to turn on your gaming slot passion!

With high quality that can be obtained from graphics and gameplay always changes in the recreational trade of each slot on land mainly based and on-line casinos, it gives the opportunity builder to revive a larger population genre such as the Asian slot with a new video game that shows off The latest technical repairs and design concepts.

So with it in mind, how the latest Asian adventure slot matches the latest choices of different software program suppliers? Don you battle fixtures, and take a spear because we troubled the dragon king for supremacy recreation slots and hopefully some battle booty!


On the most non-prince floor it seems to be a recreation theme that is quite thrilling, the promotional video for the slot is a two-minute cartoon battle well well produced, if only a little defined badly. We were launched to 4 slot criminals with Fish Basic and his flying fish military, the minister of turtles and cohorts, the Prince of the Semi-waters and finally determined the dragon king himself.

The sports hero, referred to as Na-Zha, was assumed was the third prince of the degree of sports, but we were actually not positive, or in this case we had the concept of why he fought against this angry mythological animal. We thought of the title of sports that these are some warfare from the themed themed recreation slot, but certainly not playing like the theme is smart, regardless, happy to see and named strange, is a pleasant premise.

The touchdown on the sport itself is a disappointment after the hype, while the exercise and icons are made correctly, not visually visually, or sounds that are significantly different from the aristocrat which is very popular with Asian slot video games such as 50 dragons. I did not say it was dangerous, it did not give anything new in the division, with all the same low pewes enjoyed the card symbol and at the casino coin sound results in place.

Gameplay and option

With an easy 5×3 roll set and various symbols, you might rely on the third prince to supply some revolutionary gameplay prizes, which in the approach he does, is not in basic recreation, which is a sufficient first level, but is quite common.

The sports venue actually lives, and that’s what saves the title, is in a noble battle specializing, triggered by 4 or extra scatter symbols that appear on the scroll. As soon as the battle starts with each round, each character criminal is added to the line up above the roll, from the right to the left. The touchdown here Na-Zha on the roll will trigger him to trigger his bow and take the most left symbol group which then goes down to win the extra giant credit score for something received on the scroll.

The battle concludes that one of the two methods, both by Na-Zha shows sufficient opportunities to get rid of all enemies that still have to be paid or when criminals develop in the dimensions to fill all sixteen positions on rolls. I haven’t seen a free spins sent fairly like this earlier than and each of them entertains and appreciates gifts.


With only one big characteristic and there is no progressive jackpot, the third prince may not be doubtful will be love or hate recreational calculations on useful variances. If you are lucky enough to trigger characteristics and it is a favorable, you will take beautiful memories of this Asian trip, if not, you are more likely to walk pondering it only has a good story.

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