Wild Panda Slots Machine

Collect on a trip to Central China, this time to go to a very protected giant panda who lives in thick bamboo wood. Wild pandas are sports 5-roll video slots that are extraordinary, from aristocrat. Sports take you far to the world of panda where you have the opportunity to win cash when you meet funny animals for their forest habitat. One factor that makes this slot very interesting is 100 paylines; Bets are as low as 0.01 or 50.00 in all salaries. Free wild spins panda options and free spin wilds. This slot sport matches every home window and Mac computer system.


Because identity shows, this slot combines the theme of panda bears, with wild pandas as character principles. Sports are about in bamboo forests, and the design is well done, because builders do a very good job with graphically sport. Sports options Various symbols along with the value of the card enjoy from ACE up to 10. The symbol of the card enjoys when the instance has the letter P, A, N, and D on the plateau. If you are lucky to be adequate to type the phrase “Panda” in all rolls, then you will be put into a free rotating sprawer. Different symbols that you will go in embrace Chinese coins, umbrellas, temples, mandolins, gold fish, bamboo sprouts, and lotus flowers. Panda is a wild image that is solely turned into an energetic in a free round.


One characteristic that often occurs in aristocratic slot games is the possibility of automatic rounds that offer you prospects to make between 5 and 50 computerized rounds on preset guesses. It can offer you enough time to refill your espresso cup. Early from clicking the automatic spin button, make sure to select the correct amount of bets per line. You can also cancel the computerized round at the end of each round.

Bonus option.

The Wild on this sport is pandas, and solely overturned to wild along the free round, which happens extra regularly than you think. The servants in sports are golden cash. Panda spells wherever on the roll, and this can see you get 5 free rounds. All symbols that lead to a free round session immediately become wild, they usually replace all different symbols in rolls besides golden cash, making for 5 very profitable rounds.

5 Panda along the free round will see you take a walk with 2,000 cash. 4 pandas will give you 1,000 cash, and three pandas 500 cash. Free spin cannot be returned along the free round. All bets per line per line and credit score will be taken through free spermal spincal and cannot be changed until the free round ends.


Chinese temples are the best payment images throughout the base, as 5 of them pay 1,000 cash. Coins values ​​vary from 0.01 to 1.00, with the thickest guess on 50. The jackpot stands at 10,000, and is acceptable in 2 methods.

One of the options for winning the jackpot is to get 5 scatter symbols (gold cash) on the roll. This might see your guesses to multiply 200x, and for those who have enjoyed the highest coin value of fifty, 00, then that only means you will be given 10,000 items. Scatter can even pay for those who get 3 or 4 symbols anywhere on the scroll, but the prize might be reduced from the jackpot.

The second approach you can win a wild panda jackpot is to get wild throughout the free round. Which means for those who have enjoyed the highest value of $ 50, then your guess will be multiplied by 200.


Wild pandas are straightforward to play sports because the interface is well-made. You can easily increase or lower your credit per round and denomination that utilizes the button on the back of the screen. All beneficial symbols and additional info relating to free rounds and bonus options can be found under the “Pays” tab. 3D charts are also simple in the eye so you can play this sport all day long without being dried. The payment is common, they usually redeem the scarcity of wilds in basic games.

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