Zorro: The Tale of the Lost Gold Slots

Everyone who goes into the TV in the 90s will know in connection with the story of Zorro – how can you ignore Antonio Banderas and a terrible pencil mustache? Effectively, this aristocratic slot machine saw a masked hero again in the movement, giving gamers the possibility of multiplying the bet on the 500x road.

What additional, Zorro: The wrong gold story guarantees a bit of a bonus increasing with the possibility to release free 40 rounds with additional wild symbols. Ándale ándale!

Zorro legend

Zorro is one of the hottest heroes in American and Mexican folkts. With a reputation that actually interprets English as “Fox”, this masked bandit is basically a Hood Robin Latin, defending the rights of indigenous people and natives in California to the tyranny of presidency officials and dangerous people. This masked outlaw also happened to try very well, even though he did a doubtful mustache sport and black-based clothing.

Naturally, the masked hero takes the middle stage on this slot machine, appears as the most valuable icon in the scroll. But there are various characters and props that can help to inform the story of changing fairy tales, reminiscent of a beautiful farmer girl, decorated military base, shining silver dagger and bag filled with golden cassettes.

Western miracle skills

From the perspective seen, this slot machine won the Swashbuckling properties of Zorro legend while also took participants for hotter. It was done by combining several easy animations to rolls, giving sports movement and travel methods. What additions, the roll itself is set inside the rose body and adobe partition – similar to the original residence or a shop from Wild West who has been outdated.

Place your bet

The story of Zorro is about stealing from rich and giving to the poor. Gamers from this slot machine might be able to reverse their wealth by just turning rolls – don’t have to develop a stupid little mustache.

Sports may be very easy to dangle. All gamers to do are choose how much they want to place on each energetic payment from the next line bet: 0.02, 0.05, 0.25, 0.50, 1.50 and a pair. All 25 paylines are tied in place, so you will not be able to switch around it.

Together with your stake in place, you can start playing rolls. It should be with one of the mixes of the next image that seems to be gamers can be handled with a row multiplier gift:

As you can see, three dominant characters of this slot machine pay high prize that is identical when 5 appears on payline.

Free spins x 4

Gamers will find that all bets are proven inside the management panel do not add as many variations of paylines multiplied by bets per line. That’s because of all betting components in the same as 5 additional bets per line bet to take into account the “bonus z” – and it’s just the price of additional value!

This bonus is triggered every time 6 or an extra “Z” emblem icon seems scattered in each place in the roll, giving 10 free rounds to participants with additional wild icons added to the roll. Wild images of this slot machine are depicted by Zorro horses aka twisters. When the twister seems to roll, it has the possibility to help spinners find winners by replacing all different icons other than the image spread.

This free round ball takes place on 4 separate roll units, which means gamers have 4x possible successes. However, earlier than the free round of the start, gamers must guess which roll sets which have the most important potential payment: San Gabriel, Les Corts Jail, Casa de Capistrano, Cantina Fuego. You will only be able to take victory from the set of rolls that you choose, so choose correctly!

Will you be a spinning hero?

Zorro: The wrong gold story is a fun video slot from the Aristocratic software program that guarantees a lot of successful movements. There are three basic sports symbols that pay jackpot gifts while spincal spin free sports offers gamers the possibility to choose maybe the most useful victory of the exact 4 units of rolls.

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